Raw Cat Food – Turning the Health of Your Cat Around

The daughter of a friend’s friend, Susan, was house and cat sitting, a job she likes and gives an extra income. She was concerned for the cat though, as the cat was filthy, smelled as if he was rubbed and thin.

The truth is that healthy cats do not smell, are dirty or look ragged. Also, they aren’t fat, for that matter, although it isn’t the case that a cat who is obese healthy.

And I then asked what the diet was, knowing full all of what the response would be.

And it was.

Dried food, out of a box.

Okay, it was not it’s up to Susan what the cat was eating, but she took her responsibilities seriously . She was concerned the cat wouldn’t remain alive until the family returned from their extended vacation.

And the cat is very affectionate and wants to sleep with her. She’d rather not share her sleeping space with a smelly and filthy cat, and is upset about it.

What is she able to do?

I suggested feeding the cat raw cat food.

I told her what food I would recommend buying and how to handle the transition.

Older cats converting to raw cat food are most likely to experience a purge of toxin. If you’re not prepared for it the appearance could be that your cat’s health is rapidly declining. When you loved this information and you would like to receive more details with regards to raw food cat calculator assure visit our own internet site. It isn’t, it’s just having a good spring clean.

Young cats do not have a toxin build up and, therefore, when they switch their diet to cat food that is raw, they don’t suffer the same purge.

As it turned out, when the raw food had been prepared, Susan saw signs of a toxin purge. Susan was happy that I had prepared her, as it looked a bit scary for a couple of days.

On the fourth day, she told me, the cat just seemed more content.

On the sixth day, Susan reported that the cat was washing himself.

On day nine, she said the cat was waiting for his food and devoured it with gusto, consuming every scrap.

By day twelve she informed me that the cat was similar to an ordinary cat. It was clean and sweet, smelled nice, was growing, content and showed no concern whatsoever for his chances of staying alive.

She was also happily sleeping in bed with him at this point, too.

It’s great to know that the cat’s people were amazed by the different cat they had returned to. We can only hope they kept the cat food that was raw Susan was able to adopt.

This cat was in his middle years, and the purging time before the beginning of his new diet was shorter than an older cat would experience.

It’s worth every second of the disgust your cat may treat you with in the beginning days, while they acclimatise to raw cat food. They may look at you accusingly and refuse to eat, paw the food like they are trying to throw it away and then turn their backs on you, and so on.

Keep your eye on the long-term health gains.

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