Weaving Trust and Tradition

The Indian handloom industry is one of the oldest and largest cottage industries in India with a standing ancient tradition dating back thousands of years for their excellent craftsmanship, representing the vibrant Indian culture. The story begins in antiquity with woven and dyed cotton fabrics excavated in the ruins of Mohenjo Daro, fragments of Indian handlooms discovered in Egypt and references to weaving styles found in the Vedas.
Indian artisans were appreciated globally for their hand spinning, weaving and printing techniques that were handed down from generations.
We at Silk Tatva believe that the Trust is the foundation of our relationship. It is the basis for our ability to cooperate, to work together, and to rely on each other. It is the foundation of our relationships, our communities, and our culture.

In order to achieve and to stay focussed on our Mission, we work directly with the weavers and try to showcase their products through our website.  We make sure that India’s Traditional way of Handloom Sarees weaving art is shared with you to preserve our culture. It is the way we create a sense of belonging and unity.
We deliver what we promise!

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